String generator
Name String Generator
Full type name pl.kernelpanic.dbmonster.generator.StringGenerator
SQL types char, varchar, text
String generator is used to produce a random string. As a base for generating words it uses an ispell dictionary so the distribution of vowels and consonants is quite similar to english language (although the output text itself is far from that).
minLength The minimal length of output string. [default: 0]
maxLength The maximul length of output string. The maximum length is limited by the size of Java type of Integer. [default: 255]
allowSpaces A boolean value that may be used to cause a StringGenerator not to use any spaces. It is useful for such fields like login or names. [default: true]
excludeChars this characters cannot occure in generated string [default: no default value]
nulls How many nulls should this generator produce per every 100 generations? [0 - 100, default: 0]