General info on releases

The first release of DBMonster (v.0.1) was proof of concept release. It was written to collect ideas for the next, better designed and more complex versions.
As of v.0.2.2 DBMonster was ready to use and seemed to be quite stable. It successfully feeded such databases as: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle 8i (also in CYGWIN environment), HSQLDB, MSSQL with jTDS driver and probably any database which has JDBC driver.

Version 1.0 is the first one which features a Swing GUI. It is NOT backwards compatible with previous versions!

Update 2004.05.23: Author is very sorry for dbMonster GUI. He hopes that the community will forgive that. :-) dbMonster GUI was removed from the dbmonster-core project, and new, better GUI will be from now on developed as separate piece of software. Release date is unknown.