Welcome to dbMonster's cave!

dbMonster is a tool which helps database application developers with tuning the structure of the database, tuning the usage of indexes, and testing the application performance under heavy database load. dbMonster generates as much random test data as you wish and puts it into SQL database. It provides a very pluggable interface and is trivial to use. dbMonster is written in Java.

To learn how to use and how to extend dbMonster look at the manual. If you are plan to extend dbMonster you may be also interested in dbMonster's API.

Project's development page is located at http://sourceforge.net/

dbMonster subprojects

dbmonster-core the dbMonster's engine which provides data generation framework and console mode laucher
dbmonster-ant dbMonster ant integration project aims at providing full featured ant task for running dbMonster

Help wanted!

Although it works dbMonster is still in development stage. So far it can fill databases only with random data and with data which come from supplied dictionaries. That is far from ideal which is feeding the databases with realistic data. To become mature product dbMonster needs also a lot of testing. Therefore we are looking for volunteers who could help in the following areas:
  • collecting a dictionaries of realistic data (names, companies names, posts, titles, and much much more),
  • testing the aplication, sharing the opinion, proposing patches, writing test cases (JUnit),
  • writing various (i.e. database specific) data and key generators that will add more functionality.
If you want to help subscribe to developers mailing list at sourceforge.net.

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